What Do Pencil Teaches Us?

Many writing materials are available around us. There is a pen, ballpen, speedball pen, fountain pen, felt tip pen, and many more. These materials were designed according to their use and purpose. But at this time, I want to share with you what lessons in life I've learned from pencils.

For the draftsmen and sketch artists, they are more familiar with different kinds of pencils.

Today, I want to liken our lives to a pencil.

****First, a pencil is manufactured to serve its purpose.****

We were created by God to bring glory, honor, and praise to His name (Revelation 4:11). In this life, we do different things from each other according to our gifts and talents to serve our calling. 

****Second, a pencil must be sharpened to be used. A pencil is useless if you can't use it to write or draw.****

 In order for us to be used of God effectively, we need to be trained in holiness. Sanctification is one of the most important aspects of our Christian life to be used in God's vineyard. Mortification of sins and purging from worldliness are the sharpeners of God to make us effective in the ministry. 

****Third, pencils are used to write or draw on a blank paper.****

  I believed that children learning to write were given pencils so that if they ever made a mistake, they can erase it. 

 In this world, we are writing our lives to be read of people. Just like the pencil, we can start a new page of our lives if we commit sin. Though we can not totally erase the scarce of sin, God can empower us to live for His name. 

****Fourth, a pencil cannot write on its own. It must be held and directed by a hand.****

 As a Christian, we believe that without God we can do nothing. When we say "nothing", it doesn't mean that we can not accomplish anything in this life but nothing worth of eternal value. 

****Our lives should be guided by the unseen hands of God so that we may write a life worth reading by the world.****

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