The Latest News on The Life Relearnt Project, 10-07-2018

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Just a quick update to say I've successfully made the first donation to Khan Academy. It was a direct transfer via blocktrades as I don't have a crypto wallet myself, so it had to go as an anonymous donation.


The blocktrades transaction above.


First donation to Khan Academy sent!

Thank you everyone for your patience as I feel my way around the crypto world. If you have some suggestions to help me improve things I'm all ears!

Artwork by @svitlaangel


The latest stats:

Donated to @FamilyProtection to date:
142.36 SBD
2.25 steem

Donated to @SchoolForSDG4 to date:
13.47 SBD
0.1 steem

Sent to Kahn Academy to date: 15.472 SBD

Current Steem Power: 146.32
Current 100% upvote value: 0.01


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