Ornamental Plants Leaves Suplir or Adiantum

Suplir plants are ornamental plants that have many types and varietes. However, this plant has a beautiful look for small leaf and provide fresh atmosphere around the park. Suplir plants are rather difficult to maintain because it requires a humid environment and clean air. The original habitat of this plant is located on the shores of the river shaded by shade trees. If you want to plant it must provide a cool and cool place.
Leaf ornamental plants of this type does not require too much water, so the way of watering with the most important water around the plant moist (not too wet and not dry). If it can be watered using rain water, but if no can use ordinary water. When it comes to dry season then around the plant should be given a wet mos with water. This is to keep the plant moisture. This plant will begin to grow when the rainy season arrives so it should be given fertilizer regularly and moved into a larger planting area.