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Hi this is our first photo post here in Steepshot, so we will introduce a little bit, we are family of 6 from israel, this photo was taken almost 2 years ago, we decided to take a journey to south america and focus on Brazil, so this was not an easy decision but we just felt good to try and do it, next thing was to sell almost all our stuff and say goodbye to our loved family in israel, on the way yo the airport, here in the photo, mix of so much emotions and excitement, what are we doing?..? Are we crazy? 😬 we are going to try the nomad life, Digital style with spiritul natural experiences, boring its not going to be 👍,
2 parents 4 girls and 14 suitcases 30 hours of trips in airports and here we come, Alto Paraíso de Goiás, Brasil 🇮🇱 👉🇧🇷 enjoy our blog 😀 idan, carmit, mor, maayan, gili, noam Golner.

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Hello zoominout! Beautiful picture of your family. While I was reading this I couldn't help but think "wow, that is pretty crazy that they would just uproot like that". But at the same time I am a firm believer of getting out there and seeing the WORLD. life is short, so why not get out there and explore and do the things that you love most. 😊 I am in love with the term wanderlust- A strong desire to travel and explore the world. So good luck to you, and your beautiful family on your new journey. I am very interested in people who like to travel and be spontaneous. Please Keep me posted on how it's going.

Thank you for motivating me dear, will updates soon <3

No problem. I am really glad to hear from you,
I Was starting to get worried. My boyfriend and I are on our way to talk to the bank about a house! I am very excited and hope we get it. I know you guys have been very busy. So just message me back when ever you get the chance.

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Oh yea, I have upvoted you and followed you. Many blessings!

You are welcome to steem community keep posting and enjoy this wonderful community

Interesting! I would really like to read more from you. I have a lot of Israeli friends and I absolutely love them.

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@its.parth.hey thank you ❤️ we will keep update, enjoy

@wildflower8292 thak you very much for these words 😀 we will keep update with more posts soon, thanks.

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