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If you hope to spend magical romantic moments with a man born under the sign of the Virgin, you will have to wait a lot. (Between us, you may not even wait for them).

Because this man is a practical materialist and very little interested in romance. He will not sit down to make you a serenade, nor will he climb the moonlight balcony like Romeo. Your wishes and intentions towards him may ultimately be in the sphere of theory or fantasy because it is the hardest thing for this man to make a connection with a woman.

Not that he is not capable of love. On the contrary, he very much loves his family, he is loyal to his friends, willingly and devotedly helps the weak and the ones in trouble. He has a deeply rooted love for work, duty, and discipline.

But sentimental emotions and tearful effusions do not suit him. They can only scare him and run so far that you never see him again. Do not try to seduce him or to hunt him, or to pursue him aggressively. There are other ways to get to his heart. The Virgo man is looking for quality, not quantity in love.

In his life, he has fewer love relationships, and they are often unhappy.

It makes him out of noisy companies and once he gets burned, he'll be very cautious next time. He also throws himself in the work where he finds a vent. That is why the woman who would like to win a Virgo man needs a lot of patience. She must be aware that the main instinct of the Virgin is chastity, and the man would give up on it only for a real, unique woman. That is why many Devi men remain old bachelors - perhaps the highest percentage of all other zodiac signs. They accept obedience, without experiencing any particular emotional turmoil, and still manage to experience at least one, though fragile, love affair.

When decided, the Virgo man can seduce finely and subtly.

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