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Holla guys it's @zimmie, and am gonna share something inspiring. It's all about #wit-spiration.


Years back, my mom got me a flute that was so different from every of my school mates flute. At first I hated mine that I never thought of showing it to them. My school teacher would always ask us all to place our musical instrument on the desk but I wouldn't because I was so shy and ashamed.
One day, I decided to obey. And the moment I brought it out, I heard a loud laugh around me. My class mates laughed at the flute and I. My teacher was so disappointed because my flute was made from a plumbing pipe and wood(so funny).
That day when I got home, I was so sad that I never wanted to talk to anyone especially my mom. As a mother, she called me and asked what happened and I told her my ordeal. I noticed her saddened face, she held me close and told me "all is well". With those words, I understood the financial pressure on her and my mood changed. To brighten her mood too I told her thank you for getting me a musical instrument which gave me a " different and unique sound". I used this musical instrument to work on myself because I antipated for A better one. I wasn't allowed to play in class but I was free to make noise with it at home.
Few days later, my anticipated flute was in my hands. She was so beautiful and unique(no one had my type). I was rated as one of the best in my class. My teacher was proud of me.

You may not have the best of gift but beautiful words are so precious that they cannot be measured by material things. It's brings joy to a hurted heart, it brings smiles to a saddened face. Humans are touched by what they see and hear. Make it your duty to put a smile on everyone and anyone's face with beautiful word.

Words are magical. They can either make or break you. The mother, father, wife, husband, sister, brother of a person with beautiful words is fortunate and will live twice as long. They include "am sorry", "thank you" and so other words that calms and refreshes the soul. Beautiful words have endless happiness. People are remembered for that one good word or words said to change the world.

We all have these "word" deep rooted in us, we just have to awaken it and tell ourselves: I was to solve problems, I want to brighten someone's face, I want to be there for u to tell u soul lifting words.


To grow beautiful words in you, you need:
LOVE: Love must be complete. You must not know someone before you can love them. Once love abides in you, it just flows out and those around you will feel it's impact.
Exercise: consciously watch those you move along with almost everybody. Do their mood brighten up whenever you are around? Do they feel your action and words? Has anyone among them tell you how they feel fulfilled when you are around?

UNDERSTANDING: Try to understand those around you and fit yourself into their shoes before speaking. When my mummy got me the flute, the least thing she wanted to hear was a complain until I understood the financial pressure on her and I decided to encourage her.
Understanding is soo easy because most times you want the other party to also understand you. But on life, I am here for you and you are hear for me. To go along with humans and get a good result is to be self dead.
Thanks guys

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