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Are we coffee crazy or what?!

Coffee is one of the most popular drinks worldwide, with over 2 billion cups being consumed daily.
In the UK alone, we drink over 55 million cups of coffee per day!

Coffee may have its benefits, like helping me wake up on a busy Monday morning. But it also can be the reason to the problem.

I still drink coffee, on average 2 cups a day. I know that I will benefit more from not drinking coffee, or at least lowering my consumption.

Here are 5 reason to give up your coffee addiction.

1.Better Sleep
We use coffee to keep us awake, keep our eyes open and as a vital aid to help finish that late night assignment. Coffee can also be the reason our sleep is of poor quality and the reason we need coffee to wake us up again the next day. It can be a cycle of poor sleep and coffee to compensate. By reducing your coffee intake or restricting it to mornings only, your quality of sleep could increase and have you waking up not needing the morning coffee to start you engines for the day.

2.Fewer Headaches
Coffee can be a main cause of your headaches. Addiction is real! With a long lasting use of coffee your body becomes used to the input of caffeine, when this input of coffee is taken away the body becomes shocked and we start to feel the withdrawl symptoms, usually shakiness accompanied by a headache. Reducing your coffee consumption can lead to less side effects when the coffee machine at work is broken.

3.Better mood
Many of us use coffee to enhance our moods, or at least give us the energy to persist. Consumption of coffee daily can result in mood swings, feeling good when you have a coffee in hand but feeling grumpy before you coffee or feeling agitated when the effects of you morning coffee wear off in the daytime. By cutting coffee it is possible to feel good again without the use of addictive substances, with less coffee induced up and downs

4.Financial savings
A large coffee from Starbucks costs around £2.85, which is by far not the most expensive. By not having two coffees every day five days a week, it could result in a saving of almost £1,500 per year.

5.Coffee Will Work Again
By consuming coffee daily, we build up a tolerance against the effects caffeine has on our bodies. By quitting coffee we we be able to lower this tolerance level thus allowing us to feel that perk we used to get from consuming caffeine. I for one don't feel the buzz I once used to.

I would give up coffee but.....

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Good read :) Im a coffee lover.. (sipping as I type).

Haha, some of us need our coffee =)
Before I wrote this... I had my morning coffee!

that's good to know thanks a lot for sharing and keep on posting ;)

Thank you, you're welcome!

I will keep posting more great content. Stay tuned =)

Thought I was going to hate this article, but I agree with most of what you wrote. Especially financial savings, Spending a few bucks at Starbucks a day really adds up!

Glad you didnt hate it =)

I couldn't be too harsh on coffee, but yeah the costs of drinking coffee daily can mount up to big numbers!

hahaha... I am cultivating No Coffee on Rest Day , at least once a week I do not drink coffee.
My mood actually doesn't go with coffee mood. If I am on a good mood , coffee does not effect me.
However, the coffee benefits only exist if drank without sugar, otherwise it is as bad as Coke.
I am on the other hand have trouble with milk tea, so I usually cut down as much as I can unless I am on small espresso size.
To keep awake, try American Ginseng slices to substitude coffee, but you must have it without sugar and I can guarantee you, you will stay awake! Urgh! But you will stay awake, without the coffee side effects.

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