Want VS Need..???

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Have you ever walked in a shopping mall, then you see a jacket that you really want?

Okay. Maybe jacket is important to make sure your body is always lukewarm during rainy season. This is not a problem.

But, why buy expensive branded leather jackets?

There is something you need. And there's something you want, but no matter what.

And it does not mean you do not need that thing, you can not buy it right away.

How do you differentiate these 2 things?


Needs is the expenditure you need to be able to run your daily life and work.

In short, it is a recurring expense that often does not use a large amount of your monthly salary - home, rent, or car rental.

Below this is a short list of expenses in the requirement category:

  • House,
  • Vehicles,
  • Insurance,
  • Oil and electricity,
  • Food.
    In the end, it is the spending that helps make your life more comfortable. Things you buy for comfort.

You can live as usual if you do not. But, you can enjoy a good life if you can.

For example, food is a necessity. But mocha and latte are a pleasure.

What is a 'needs'?

Which, including:

  • Traveling,
  • Entertainment,
  • Designer shirts,
  • Gym memberships,
  • Drinking coffee is expensive.

These two categories are standard. Only, the need and the will of each person is not the same.

For example, you need a car to work every day. But a car with a monthly installment of RM2,000 a month, may not be logical with your budget.

if something is not needed and not important, it's a will.

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I'm happy with my 3in1 nescafe 😁


For me, 3in1 milo...hahahha..