Experience Teaches Us The Meaning Of Life..

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Thousands of experiences go through all the grief, bitterness and tiredness of this life. Sometimes it makes us complain about wanting to get rid of all the flavors. That sense sometimes weakens the foot to step and sometimes it makes us aware of something that may not have been given to us. And the pain can also make us grow stronger in the future.

Step foot is never wrong, wrong is that we choose which direction we want to go ..
And the choice is always in our hands, and our hearts are sometimes good at choosing but sometimes ... our hearts wrongly choose too. Why..?

All the answers are on our own. Whether you want to pursue the journey in choosing this life or letting it go away without giving the answer in the experience.

I chose to experience all the experiences I chose, though I knew all the experiences would give a thousand impressions to me later on .. and I know there might be some who can accept it .. and some can not accept it. Maybe one time I'll be taunted, humiliated, looked bewildered..but I have the experience though it will and has impacted my life later..and it has taught me a little bit about life.

The old man said, did not go wrong to find and gain experience ... but let's just do something fine..but I chose a bad experience for me to make a good one .. when i do not want to say something good I just made myself a noble but HYPOCRITE in the eyes of others .. And I do not mind if there were those who called me for the call because this man .. the black one is the same black but their inner hearts are the same. I know they have called me HYPOCRITE..but ..... as long as they are happy ....

It is true that the wrong experience of our choice will make the people around us often put penalties, without sympathy or giving the opportunity to be good, or explaining something they do not know but continue to abstain from the law .. For those who wrongly chose not worthy given the privilege and happiness of life, and instead they have to be set aside .. I do not say I'm right and good in all things..but sometimes I also hate their attitude. Looking at me or anyone who has wrongly chosen in life or wrong way they are one of the eyes .. as if they are more perfect and good in their lives without any defects in their lives. Even though I also think that I'm thinking of their attitude but I'm still normal.

Time is never waiting for us, just look for experience as long as possible and do not stop as long as we still want to find that experience. Time can not be reverted back to time, but we are able to correct where we are doing the mistakes. Learn from mistakes and not make mistakes repeatedly. And remember .. even if we try not to make mistakes it will come, if it happens and be present to us let us not give up or vice versa .. If we want to cry though, cry weep as much as we can, cry out loud as we can .. but what is sure to be present is not to undermine us. that's where the test is in life.
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meaningful blog keep sharing mate


Thank you @revealer777 for drop your words..

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