Hygiene Habits

in life •  9 months ago

Good hygiene really helps

I pulled myself out of my slump earlier this week and did a total 180 with regards to my lifestyle. I'm suddenly eating properly and cleaning myself properly and training.

And it really lifts your mood and energy levels.

Today I wanted to focus on hygiene habits.

Let's face it - during a hard crypto push, I'm never cleaning myself properly. Why? Because I'm never going out and I stay indoors all the time. Nobody's going to see or smell me, and so it's super easy to just forego personal hygiene to save a few minutes every day. I frequently find myself feeling shitty because I couldn't be bothered to look after myself and over time it actually starts to have a psychological effect on you, affecting your mood and starting to feel like a failure as a person.

It was more than just about being clean

In short, I started showering and brushing my teeth twice a day. Once when I get back from work and once before going to work, which usually immediately follows training. I found my energy levels immediately shoot up, as well as my appetite. Everything seems to fall into place when some routine is introduced. Not only did I end up being more clean, but it seemed to spread into other areas of life, such as house cleanliness. Whether it was by association or something else, but I randomly started cleaning up in the kitchen and the laundry more. I started using the vacuum cleaner more to pick up things off the ground and tidied up more around the house.

Could it be some kind of psychological spillover effect? After all, what good is a clean body if the house is unclean - it'll make the body dirty faster if the house is dirty too. I for one am not complaining - it feels really good to be on top of shit and get life on track.

I'm just hoping I can turn it into a habit and be able to do this every day until it becomes second nature.

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