4 Ways to protect us from stress

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Positive thinking
Negative speaking or thinking that we do to ourselves becomes harder to become positive as we continue. Being aware of our negative thoughts and trying to think positively not only helps to reduce stress but also ensures that we make healthy decisions.

Prepare ourselves
Prepare your child for this before Strese gets into a situation that may be the cause. For example; encourage him before the exam, try to remember his good passing exams. Breathe into yourself by thinking about your achievements.

Focus on other topics
Instead of focusing on emotions such as living fear, disturbance, anger, we can concentrate on the result you want to achieve. Thinking about the continuing negativities will become even more negative by increasing stress.

If stressful situations arise from interpersonal relationships, we must share the problems with these people. We must provide solutions by encouraging our children to talk openly with their friends without interfering with the troubles with their friends. It is often comforting to share things rather than keep them inside us. Sometimes our children sometimes share their troubles with us. The important thing is to be able to give the message that he can share with us whenever he wants.

Leave the sharing preference to him.
How you say any problem is very important. We should be able to use "I" liars instead of "you" liars. It would be more appropriate to say "I feel so" instead of "You did it".

Stress prevention with exercise
Reduce overreaction. It helps if I'm calm. Reduced worry and anxiety. Kisin's self-respect increases. Directing a spore that our children are interested in is important both for supporting activity and social activity.

Protecting the stricken by eating healthy
Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. Choose vegetable oils instead of butter and margarine. Use low fat milk, cheese and yoghurt. Do not consume too much sugar and salt. Avoid ready-made foods.

Have breakfast in the morning.
Eat less and eat late. Instead of beverages that lead to strese, such as coffee and tea, choose herbal teas such as linden. Take care that there are not too many stimuli that will make sleeping in the sleeping room difficult. For example, over-lit night lights, audible clocks ...

Take care to make your sleep regular.
Stay away from situations that cause tension before sleeping. Do not watch horror movies. Before sleeping, be careful not to drink tea, coffee, alcohol, and cigarettes (at least 2 hours). You can drink half a glass of ayran or milk before you go to bed. Just use the bed to sleep, do not read books, do not watch TV. Just go to bed when you are asleep. Communicate with others, especially with your children based on interest, love and tolerance. Learn to say "no". you do not want, you will bring new burdens, problems will arise, do not submit immediately to situations that will force you.

It is possible to cope with stress with various relaxation ways.
For example, we can calm ourselves by breathing exercises or mental stimulation at the time of stress.

How are we going to do?
Respiratory Exercise;
Close your eyes and concentrate your attention on your breathing. Take a deep breath from your burns and give it in your mouth. Breath with your breastbone, not your breast, like a balloon inflate. Loosen your shoulder and neck muscles as much as possible. In a very short time you will notice that your tension has gone from your body.

Mind Animation;

Imagine yourself as a very comfortable place. The sounds of nature can accompany your imagination. (Bird voices, water voices ...) Be your esteemed, valued, thoughtful, beliefs. Most importantly, remember that your children may have their own unique thoughts and feelings. Always be open to suggestions from others. But always make the final decision. Trust yourself and support your child's self-confidence. Do not collect the problems, try to solve them when they appear, do not let small problems grow and grow.

Problem solving techniques
Identifying the problem, Observing the options, Selecting a solution path, Passing out Evaluating the results. The person making a mistake and not fixing it makes a second mistake. You can walk as far as you can, walking on someone's footprint. Watch who you follow. ... there is no time to ... Some people use their intelligence to make a job harder, some to make it easier ... The shortest communication between two people is smile. You do not see how much burden someone else carries for you. Search for errors, find solutions. Henry Ford

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