07.11.2018 - 22:46 Jogging challenge 10 (7 of 10 days in a row) - Day 50 **Diwali**

in #life3 years ago

Another day in the life of a challenger. It was a nice session with outstanding weather (no raining). I have jogged under the rain several time already but never under fireworks. I confirm what I logged yesterday it was only testing for Diwali. Today is the day. I think they (THEY means all people) started with the fireworks at 7:00pm or at least around that time was that I heard the first one but probably as soon as they had enough darkness to see the lights then they started. It's almost 11:00pm and they keep going and who knows for how long. Anyways it's nice to jog with the light show so thanks for that.

This is my 3rd year here but is the first time that I get to see it because at this time previous years I was at work. This deserved a video from the hills where almost all the city can be seen (Yes while I'm jogging).

We treat a 5 dollars cat better than we try our 2 Billion dollars Body. Let's change that as of today.