Beautiful view 🐬

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Yesterday, we only had one slide to deliver due to a cancellation and bad weather. I had my employee drop me off at Enterprise to rent a car. I had extra time so I decided to book a hotel deal I had found online. I had seen it on Facebook and it showed the magnificent pool with a beautiful water front view. I wanted to take a vacation because I hadn't taken one in 7 years. Now that I have capable and trustworthy employees, I can confidently leave the business in their hands. I wanted to find an underwater camera to use on vacation but I didn't want something I would have to plug into my computer to see the pictures.



I instead decided to get a case to protect my phone instead. By taking the pictures with my phone, it allowed me to post them almost instantly. I tested it and I was able to take wonderful pictures and videos. We began our drive down and we're happy when it was over. We hit the beach and my younger son was able to jump on a trampoline. He was able to jump extra high because they had cables attached to a harness that assisted his jump. We headed back to the hotel after to clean off. We decided to order room service because we were all tired from a long day. All the food looked very nice, in terms of presentation, but I wasn't the most impressed with the freshness. Still, we are all happy to be on a vacation together as a family.


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First vacation in 7 years?! Sounds like you deserve it. Maybe you can find better food in town. Doesn't look bad from the photo, tho!


My business lock me down for 7 years 😬


I'm the same way, though it hasn't been 7 years yet for me. Hopefully I can get a mini-vacation this summer.


I did found better food in town .

Good for you, You deserve it!


Yeah from the picture 🤤

What a fantastic view. Lucky you.

That is the most Amazing Salad I've ever seen @yuliana

That salad looks good

Love it. Whats you business? Same here. This year my wife has got a huge new client for her bizz. No holliday for us!

Yuliana, you are lucky to be enjoying on the beach. The water looks inviting and the food delicious. I like the second picture which shows you with an expression of bliss!. Good idea about the waterproof case for the phone,

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mmmmmm.... seafood platter.

great photos thanks for sharing ..:)))))

Everything looks amazing!

Great photos @yuliana. I always love some shrimp but with fried plantains - definitely looks like paradise on that beach!

nice good ror you

food water and a great view! What more could you ask for? Glad you had a splendid time and chose to share it with us!! The water looks warm and inviting. Thanks.

You are so lucky.
God bless you

Nice view 😀

Ok now am speechless.... those views... wow

No vacation in 7 years!!! Crazy. Enjoy you break and take more time off. :)