One of the best cities in Europe

in life •  9 months ago

Hello, Friends!

Todays part of my Steem life will be kinda unusual for my page here. I mean that usually I accompany my photos with bright and narrative descriptions, but I think these shots dont need any special comment...
Just relax, look and enjoy!


Guess, what city is that =D
Write in comments about your experience in this city, upvote and folow me =) And have a good day!

P.s. it was really magical atmosphere, feeling of full life as it is!

Mrs. J

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looks like a great trip @yule4ka
thanks for sharing!



thanks for comment! hope, I managed to transmit the energy of this atmospheric place through the photo =)

Nice photography, I like.

Are you in Prague? Never been but looks very interesting and historical. I live in Victoria BC in Canada. Have you ever been here? I am thinking the weather there and here will be very similar. Thanks for posting.

Oooh is that Prague? I've been planning to check it out there for ages, might actually get to it once only if I decide to go to college there tho haha

Scrolling through these images was truly an experience! the sites are stunning in one of the best cities in Europe!

enjoying & congenial!

surreal & congenial!

wow amazing photography, wonderful places, hope you had a great time.