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The players certainly know Legends about Mobile Lord instead? If there's a hero-hero here, carefully wrote the Lord his opponent captured

In Mobile Legends, there are a number of important objectives in the game besides destroying the enemy base. These objectives are useful for speeding up thy team to destroy the enemy base while strengthening the team of yours in the fight. One is the Lord who will appear after the 6th minute or about 2 minutes after the dead Turtle. The role of the Lord is very important in the game due to his very high damage is so able to destroy turret quickly.

Kill Lord is not an easy thing. It took a team to them even though there are some of them who could be the hero alone. But if thou and thy team has no chance to kill the Lord together, try to find the right moment and steal the Lord using the hero-hero here.

1. Layla

Source : Moonton

Hero marksman free one it is one of the best to steal the Lord from a distance far enough. His ultimate skill i.e. Destruction of Rush was able to produce a high enough damage from long distances. When his timing right, Layla could just steal the Lord with his ultimate from very far distances without making enemies could pursue.

2. Balmond

Source : Moonton

Balmond is very famous as one of the thief Lord's best Mobile Legends. Lethal Counter hers capable of producing true damage based on the percentage of HP. Getting the affected unit dying skill, then the possibility of death is definitely larger, including the Lord. When Lord remaining HP is less than 20%, Lethal Counter will kill the Lord instantly.

3. Aurora

Source : Moonton

The hero of this mage can also steal the Lord uses his ultimate skill, Coldness Destroy. But Aurora must fill in charge of skill passive voice so that his higher damage at the same time give effect to freeze so that reduces the risk of failure to steal the Lord.

4. Lancelot

Source : Moonton

Compared to the other hero, hero is the only the most risky. Lancelot has a high resistance to damage from the Thorned Rose as well as Phantom Execution. But the distance is close enough that he should be clever-clever find position and prescribing the route of blurred so as not to die after successfully stealing the Lord. Unlike the Balmond hard enough, Lancelot is extremely thin and is easily killed.

5. Pharsa

Source : Moonton

If talking about stealing a Lord from a distance, to date there is still no one could beat the Pharsa distance in terms of stealing Lord. Feathered Water Strike her giving a very high damage with large area as well as the distance is very far away. Not just the Lord of the dead, the hero-hero is nearby any followup can-can die because of skill Pharsa.

That was the last the fifth thief hero of Lord's best Mobile Legends. Not just Lord Yes guys! The turtle can also be stolen by them in the same way. According to ye who the thief Lord hero best guys? Write in the comments ya!

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