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Want to know what items can be given to the strengthening of Blackfeather in Vainglory? Read his review here!

Blackfeather was hero Vainglory that has distance attacks close to the hearts of his opponent using the weapon piercing sword. He is the hero assassin who can you put in the lane. If you managed to raise a lot of money in the lane and buy items that are right for him, he will be a very fierce and very strong carry. This time I will give you the item build WP on hero Blackfeather.

Blackfeather was a figure like a swordsman who has a handsome face. With an outfit like the Roman Empire look more cool, plus he always brings the roses in tanganya which makes it a bit of a romantic. This hero weapon to use is a large Sword-shaped scissors that are very sharp.

This is indeed very handsome hero than the other hero in terms of appearance and the face. Not just a handsome face but, the hero also has a fairly strong ability. With his weapon he ready to stab an opponent.

Basic attack hero this jungle snatch with his weapon which he is always holding. It has a jungle hero agility in playing his very hard in attack. In fact, one of his ability can be irregular moves like dancing above the arena battles. Pretty cool right hero jungle on this one, and I will discuss about the capability of this handsome.

Skill Hero Jungle Blackfeather

  • 1st skill: Jump while thrust his arms toward the opponent gave sufficient damage pain.
  • 2nd skill: removing the Crystal-shaped light straight ahead with the roses. When exposed to light the opponent will slow down to 2 seconds, and his blood will be reduced little by little until the roses are ditubuhnya disappears.
  • 3rd skill: Flick his weapon while the next steps forward, while the target was ready she quickly attacked that suddenly was behind with its considerable agility. Can attack two times each has a skill to this.

With all the abilities he had, this hero is very agile and quick to attack in attacking his opponent. Difficulty in predictions where he swung his weapon that's what makes the opponent difficult in case of attack the hero. Here I will explain the advantages of what is owned by the hero jungle.

The Advantages Of The Hero Jungle Blackfeather:

  • In the 1st skill in addition to stab hero can also provide the same damage with his second skill ability. With roses as a guideline if it runs out then it will stop the blood decreases.
  • 3rd skill of the hero can also be used for breakout against opponents that are confining it hero

The Weakness Of The Hero Jungle Blackfeather:

  • A sniper team who can make himself slowing down is his weakness because it cannot be nimble if in lambatkan. Buy the appropriate defense items to neutralize the opponent's attack sniper.
  • Stay away from also owning such hero stune lane Celeste who can make himself easy to attack.

The following items of Wp

Serpent Mask

Source : https://duniaku.net

You can restore HP thy dying by using this item and attack the creep who was in the lane or the forest. By using this item is also very strong, you will face the enemy carry in one on one. In addition, Blackfeather has the ability to add a barrier to himself after making the ability called On Point. With the ability and this item, I am sure you will all be killed if only hard one on one with the enemy.


Source : https://duniaku.net

These items can add a weapon you even more power. You will be very easy to do farming in the lane and in the forest using this item. In addition, you will also be able to attack the enemy more pain again using a basic attack or ability of Blackfeather.

Tyrant's Monocle

Source : https://duniaku.net

Mandatory items should you use to get a fantastic damage. These items can give you 40% critical chance and if you buy two of this item, the effect will be multiplied into 80%. But I suggest you buy the item Tyrant's second Monocle on the item slot last or after purchasing defense items. Keep in mind, you not only get 80% of the ciritical chance alone but also 40% critical damage!

Defense Item

Source : https://duniaku.net

You can customize the build of the enemy to plan build defense items. Defense items that usually carry to ward off enemies that have build WP is a Metal Jacket or Atlas Pauldron.

Journy Boots

Source : https://duniaku.net

To be able to pursue and kill your enemies with ease, you need a shoe that can run fast. The right shoes for the items it is Journey's Boots. This item has the quickest cooldown between shoe-the other shoe. Therefore this item is suitable by the hero carry melee like Blackfeather.

That's the Vainglory of Blackfeather guide this time version @yukki, good luck with Friends!

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