Top ten best free Android Games January 2018 - Week III

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World of Warships Blitz and a variety of endless runner fill keseruan a list of the 10 best free Android games 2018 in the third week of January!

A list of the 10 best free Android games January 2018 finally came again! For endless runner fans there is good news, because quite a lot of games run without a boundary that appears. And for you war games enthusiasts, there is also a World of Warships which certainly already you later-later! Without further ADO let us refer to the list of the best free Android games January 2018 third week!

1. World of Warships Blitz

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Following in the footsteps of World of Tanks the released version of light, World of Tanks Blitz WarGaming, finally presenting the war ship to the mobile realm via the World of Warships Blitz! Ahold of various classes of warships, cruisers, Destroyers, and don't miss the aircraft carrier at the battle of seven exciting seven opponents.

2. SEGA Slots

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The SEGA characters such as Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, the monkeys are Super Monkey Ball, and Joe Musashi from Shinobi, as well as various other characters present in the form of slot play in this game. Time test of luck and fate through SEGA Slots, can you win a lot?

3. Fluffy Fall: Fly Fast to Dodge the Danger!

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Endless runner game first in the list this week. Control creatures this cute hairy box to avoid various obstacles while falling over and collect Gold to open more than 60 kinds of Fluffy.

4. Pathfinder Duels

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Card games that take place world fantasy board game diverse and interesting Pathfinder. Collect cool picture cards with great strength, challenge friends and opponents, and be the strongest!

5. Tako Bubble

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Puzzle game where you control a yellow Octopus that was funny and is in charge of collecting bubbles on the screen. But of course you must avoid enemies lurking as well. The excitement, the new enemy moves when you move anyway! Certainly you have to rotate the brain in passing 10 kinds of cartoon monsters, insect that can be collected 31, and 60 levels difficult.

6. Celestine Mars explorer

Celestine Mars explorer presents game runner with enough visual and game systems. During fly and reproduce the score, you have to look at the fuel jetmu and also against a wide range of difficult boss through the three worlds and exciting level 24.

7. Fling Fighters

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Funny fighting game which certainly would cheer the end of pekanmu. Unlike regular fighting game, you and your friend must be throwing stuff towards each other and avoid it by jumping. In addition to PvP mode and 40 kinds of unique Boxer, also provided five islands and challenging bosses that you can face it alone.

8. Twisty Road!

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The second runner-up in the endless list this week. Appropriate title, you will be invited to control a ball through a very winding roads. You must avoid obstacles while making sure the ball didn't fall out of the way.

9. Finger Driver

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Talk winding roads, games Finger Driver is also an endless runner which serves tracks swirling which would make you jumpy. Moreover car control plus one finger hard, exciting, challenging, but pisses gregetan! Are you able to run as far as possible?

10. Spiky Trees

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Endless games of the last runner at once the last title in the list. Here you will be in control of a block of beige gliding from tree top ' spiked '. According as you think, hitch in this game are the thorns.

The latest free Android games list this week of @yukki. Look forward to the next games from our Yes. Happy weekend!

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