His growth took place in His humanity.

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Isaiah 53:2 "He grew up like a tender plant before Him."

In the Bible plants often typify humanity. For Christ to grow up like a tender plant before Jehovah means that Christ grew up before Him in His humanity. In His divinity Christ has always been perfect and complete, and thus there was no need for Him to grow in His divinity. His growth took place in His humanity. First He was a child, and then He grew into boyhood and eventually into manhood. Having become perfected and completed in His humanity, at the age of thirty He came forth to minister for God.

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Praise the Lord! ^u^

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Well said.
Thanks for sharing @yukimaru

Amen brother! God bless!

Ohhhh great news and good quotation regarding bible

How rich and wonderful the bible is. The words of our Lord!

Amen, praise God:)

Praise the Lord always forever! God bless!

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