Getting the Dreaded Big C Gave Her Teardrops Yet Made Her Strong

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She Got the DreadedBig C

Doctors say we all have it. There is no denying that everyone, no matter what gender, race, age, social status or genes one has, is prone to acquire it. They say it is lurking behind us all, waiting for the trigger until it unleashes.


What am I talking about?

The Dreaded Big C —- C for CANCER.

I was talking to a highschool batchmate and friend yesterday -- reason for my inactivity here on Steemit because she said she wanted to share what she is going through. We have not talked for more than a decade and so I got excited when she suddenly sent me a private message.

According to her doctors, she got the Big C and is undergoing several tests and "cures" and is following a strict diet to treat, if not eliminate the cancer. Like everyone else, she is positive all the treatments would heal her soonest. But still, I hear in her voice a twinge of fear that she would not make it afterall.


It saddens me when this reality hit me: She is a mother of two beautiful kids. She have a supportive husband. She got the family she always dreamed of having but now she feared that the dream she has been living in will be cut short because of the cancer.

It was a rather emotional chat, far from the way we used to talk way back highschool days.


When the emotions cannot be contained by the heart, tears just escape:

> Those tears may give comfort to soak the pain until it could (hoping it could) melt away the pain.

> Or maybe those tears could serve as a visible proof of what the heart feels.

> Whatever purpose those tears maybe, it is a human proof of sympathy.

Now if there is something I got from talking to her, it is to value life. Valueing life simply means, in her terms, watching what you eat, talking care of yourself. You are not invincible, she repeatedly said those words to me like a guru.

She also left me in thinking that even though she is in that kind of situation, she still tries to be brave and strong for her family, for her kids. She says that she is in a battle she positively, definitely want to win.

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that was so sad:-(