Motivation from eagle

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the eagle is a hunting bird, it has sharp claws, and a sharp beak. Every day eagles do their hunting activities with sharp claws, sharp claws to catch fish in the lake. The beak also functions to eat fish.

Eagle can also be 70 years old.

When the eagle was 40 years old, the claws were not as sharp as when he was young, his beak also became crooked, and he also lost the ability to fly because the feathers on his wings grew thicker.

At times like that eagle faces 2 choices, first choice dies or makes painful changes for 150 days.

When eagles make changes for 150 days the eagle will rise to the top of the mountain to nest in its nest. For 150 days the eagle will also hit its beak in the tree until the beak breaks, while waiting for the new beak to grow the eagle also cuts its claws, while waiting for its sharp claws to grow again and the eagle also cuts on the feathers on its wings.

After the eagle makes painful changes for 150 days. Eagle has been reborn, and he is ready to be in his 30s in the future

What message can we take from this eagle?

We must make changes if we don't want to die by the times

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