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I've played better.

I prefer multiplayer.

Too many bugs, they need to release a patch.

Let me invite a friend.

Wait a second, I need to take a shit.

It takes so long for a match to start!

Rushing rocks.

(after sex) Achievement unlocked!

I'm bored. Gonna try something else.

My gun has upgraded.

Cheating makes it easier.

...many differences between these two worlds, but it is funny how even the sayings that go for each of them can be applied on one another in a big-ass bundle of irony!


Yet we find solace from the dangers and pressures of the real world in our virtual realities. They bring us inspiration, relaxation and a challenge. It is important to gaze at the stars, walk on ground and think with our heart <3

Besides, levelling up just feels so goddamn rewarding... why can't we have that shit IRL?! I mean... isn't this an awesome concept?!

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It's funny because it's so true! :)