Volunteer Pumpkins are taking over...

in life •  last year

I love gardening, plants and permaculture....
Here is some pics of an over-zealous crazy pumpkin plant that popped up as a mystery plant- then displayed its true colors by sprawling out everywhere and popping off some pretty yellow flowers

and round green striped squash...

I don't know how it got here but I am going to let it run its course...My poor columnar apple is feeling a little intimidated...

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That looks a bit like watermelon, not 100% sure though.


Hey -if it is a watermelon plant I will be 100% stoked-because I love watermelon...it does have the curly things like pumpkins
not sure if watermelon does that.

Thanks so much for responding!


We have watermelons growing at our place and the flowers and the curls are similar to our watermelon :)

Keep us updated if you'll find out for sure!


Will do! Thanks!