Little boy who loves to catch ants 喜欢捉蚂蚁的小男孩

in #life5 years ago (edited)

Yesterday I went to the University, to accompany my mother to the exam.Because the mother's exam time is too long, the baby is very boring,He suddenly found the campus ant good big ah, have a pear skin crawling with a lot of ants, and began to tease the ants play.Take the small branches to tease their, they set up an obstacle, suddenly gave them a U-turn, ha ha... Really fun!Playing, he suddenly wanted to take the ant to go home to play, he found me in the hands of the beverage bottle, but also the rest of a little drink.And then you'll see - put the ants in the bottle and bring it home.


The ants in the bottle, and the food of the ants, the bark, the peel, etc.


This is a photo taken from the top of the bottle.


The handsome boy is watching the ants in the bottle is how to eat.



I would wish good luck to young nature explorer) By the way, the last but one picture could be used in contest - something like "What is that"? Just as idea. Thank you for sharing.

Your suggestion is very good, thank you.☺

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