The Call

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Listen all and hear. This is not for the shallowed eyed, nor the weak hearted. This is not a story to calm or sway, this is a call.

If you live -and breathe and exist and think and shit upon this earth. If you reside in the realms of thought and life, this world or beyond. You are the universe. Not just part of it, a piece an inkling to be smote or forgotten. No. Though our lives are fleeting. They pass quicker than a fire. They can hurt or scar, scare and strip the will from anyone. Time lies within and outside our grasp. Each moment is greater than the entirety of our entire experience, the limits are as endless as the ends of knowness. Yet, so quickly our time seems to go.

There is hope, somewhere.

No one may escape death.

So that is part of life.

To live and experience. It’s something awesome. It’s hard. There are moments that test -everyone. No matter your size, wallet, car, house, no matter the matter. It’s life. What do we do with it? We’re all the universe. We all are. We all want and love, hurt and cry and laugh. Who can deny the warmth of a loving embrace? How it spreads and sharpens your skin, your senses -your being. The attention, the love, acceptance. These things, they are there too.

What are we to do? With this life? This experience? Many have tried to chase it. To run it down around the corners of the world. Or buy it up, or string it along, type it out, paint, draw, run, laugh. We’re all trying to do what we want. Right? How far do you have to go to get what makes you laugh? Or cry? Do you seek to save the planet? As you see fit. No one of us knows all of life. There isn’t one person who knows an experience of life more than another. Sometimes though, we can get caught up. In thought, in reliving and re-experiencing the things that hurt us. Or the things that filled us with love and life, sun-filled days and those nights where the fireflies come out.

Life is. It is full. You want to laugh, go laugh. To build, do it. I believe there is a great power in knowing what you want in life. Once you have that. You simply go and place yourself there. We lie to ourselves often, excuse away the life we have. It's only this once, this one go for us, we are the universe feeling itself, how do you feel?! How are you treating the day? It is up to you and I to see our circumstances in a way that grows our self. We are each like a tree. There is only so far you can grow, there is only so many branches to be and have, only so much. It's important to accept this. Or don’t. None but yourself knows your heart. No other can look at you and say this is you.

There are consequences, in all things. We have the ability to shape this world, to grow it into something beautiful, something, because it’s growing anyway, just like you and I.

For love, for life, the strongest fall and rise, into the wilds of Rangforne we go.

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