Oils for healthy hair

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Lately I have been suffering with hair loss. It has been more than usual. By the time I finish combing my hair, my comb is full of hair that had fallen out. Even when I shower, I notice that a large amount of my hair has been falling out. There's lots of reasons as to why one suffers with hair loss. Most of the time, the main cause of hair loss is stress related. I believe that its possibly stress which is the reason I may have been losing hair. Also it could be due to vitamin B deficiency. Old age is also what causes one to lose hair. I will be sharing some tips on how to strengthen your hair, keep it healthy and avoid losing hair. 

Coconut oil promotes hair growth and causes your hair to thicken as well as preventing dandruff. 

Castor oil helps to prevent split ends as well premature greying and darkens the hair. 

Olive oil makes your hair softer, smoother and shiny. Its for treating dried and damaged hair. 

Almond oil regulates bloods flow to the scalp, it prevents your hair from falling out and makes it silky and smooth. 

Grape seed oil is also good for promoting hair growth. 

Amla oil is like a natural hair conditioner. It promotes hair growth and prevents greying. 

The above oils can be helpful to prevent hair loss and strengthen as well as make your hair healthier.  You simply place the oil in your hair for about an hour or overnight and then wash it out when you go shower. I have tried coconut oil and found it very effective. 


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