Setting Your Life Commandments to Excel

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It's easy to set your life commandments and ideas into motion, but difficult to keep them going once they're established. Each of have their own set of moral rules, ethics and standards. Live them out each day as if their commandments. And, live according to your highest purpose for being alive.

Make your life commandments that will live true. Have a purpose within every second. Stop putting life on hold for tomorrow. Create your ideal reality and live 100 percent in alignment with that purpose.

Every second counts. Create an ideal lifestyle you can live each second fully. Take a stand and live 100 percent in alignment with that purpose. It begins with a single command: "Live your life commandments."

A life lived in full alignment with highest purpose means a fulfilling, meaningful existence that will produce lasting joy and fulfillment. That's not a far-fetched statement. If you want to experience happiness, fulfillment, peace, joy and prosperity then you must live true to highest purpose. You have it within you.

In order to make new friends whether online or in person, you need to set aside time on a regular basis to pursue your desires. If you don't do this, then you won't find people whom you can become close with, and who love you for you. It takes commitment to reach your goals, but it's worth it because friends will come and go, but they'll always be there if you make new friends regardless of whether you follow through on your commitments.

The second area is learning how to get rid of your bad habits and work on your highest ideals. As you develop and nurture the people around you, then you can begin to experience true freedom. Desire and passion are the driving factors that move you forward. Yet if you're not moving in the direction of your goals, then these forces will keep pulling you back unless you take a stand and decide that your ideal self no longer wants to live by the standards of society and everyone else.

Sometimes, you have to try something new in order to get somewhere. You might be tired of doing the same old thing. That's okay. If you're tired of not having new things to look forward to doing, then start pursuing your goals by trying something different. Whether it's a new diet, exercise program, new hobby, or relationship, if you start pursuing your goals in new ways, you'll be happier, healthier, and more fulfilled.

Finally, understand that it's your personal identity that's the driving force behind your choices. Your inner self knows all the answers to every question you have. It's up to you to decide which path you're going to follow. Regardless of what direction you choose, always remember that it's up to you to Set your life commandments and follow through for your personal identity and the fulfillment of your life purpose.

I'll set my life commandments by saying that I love anything else that earns me a living or brings pleasure into my life. That means I can only enjoy something else if it means helping people in any way possible. If it's bringing joy and happiness to someone else, then I'm perfectly happy with that as well. If it's providing me with anything else other than that, then I can't enjoy it at all. I love only what brings pleasure to my life.

So why is it important to Set your life commandments? Because it means you choose to live in accordance with your values, so you can enjoy the maximum possible value from life. In the simplest of terms, if you love people around you want to give them the best life possible, then you need to live in accordance with that value. When you're living in accordance with your values, you can't be greedy, lazy, mean, selfish, self-destructive, or judgmental.

If you love one outlet and you expect that outlet to bring you the greatest joy and happiness, then you're not being totally honest with yourself. You might not be maximizing your potential to help other people either. If you expect other people to pay you for doing just one thing and you hate to do that thing, you'll never be able to have a fully fulfilling and successful life. You might also not be maximizing your opportunities for true freedom and happiness.

Living in accordance with your values and expectations will help you live a much better place both in terms of how much joy and happiness you get out of life, and also in terms of where you can find that joy and happiness. If you make it a habit to always evaluate how much joy and happiness you get from each one of your outlets, then you'll never miss an opportunity to help others. You'll know exactly what's worth working for, and you'll know what to work harder for. When you get into alignment with your values and expectations, you'll be moving toward your goals more quickly and effectively.


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