We're going back to the Moon! (or for the first time...)

in #life4 years ago

President Trump just signed a directive for NASA to head back to the moon by 2022. We're finally going back for the first time! Not sure how this didn't make a bigger splash, maybe all the garbage in our headlines is clogging the pipes.

Also did you guys know that Jeff Bezos company has already launched and landed 7 successful rockets?

This has been quietly slipping under the radar in our race to space and obsession with SpaceX.

Also here's another Chinese company getting into the races. iSpace just raised $90M to launch private moon missions.

Who wants some of that cheese???


Why wait so long to go back since they have been their before? our technology should allowed us to achieve this earlier, if they are not currently up their already

Because it costs a lot of money and we don't really benefit from trips to the moon. It's not like there are valuable resources or information that we can gather by successfully landing there. Not to mention, there are risks to human life involved every time that you send a person into space, especially on such a long journey.

More succinctly, it's wasteful to human resources.

Or because we were just way smarter back in the 70s, with better technology.

What if they have never been there before? :)

yes it's possible because cenema now can show anything

Interesting . I am hearing about this for the first time. As you said, it's probably because of the other things grabbing headlines.

About time! cant wait to see what we find. Maybe get a view of the dark side.

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