I Love California

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I'm originally from Chicago, so I know what cold feels like. I've lived through winters with more days below 0 than above it. I've shoveled my car out of the snow countless times and couldn't feel my hands for 10 minutes after. All that changed when I moved to LA about 2.5 years ago. I don't think I can ever go back.

Here are the top 5 reasons that I love living in Southern California:

  1. The weather is fucking perfect, it's 75-90 degrees and sunny about 350 days a year
  2. I live 40 minutes from the beach and can go surfing whenever I want
  3. I can walk out my door and go hiking
  4. I can drive 5 hours and be at one of the best snowboarding mountains in the world
  5. I can grow weed and oranges on my front porch

Check out these Valencia oranges that are almost ready to eat, literally no effort at all to grow these suckers.



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The west coast is the best coast!!

That's right @beemillz! Where are you from?

I am originally from Florida, but just moved to Portland, OR 11 months ago. The beauty out here cannot be duplicated, and the weather is so much more mild.

Thanks for sharing i will love to visit there one day

You forgot to mention the food scene around Korea Town and all the amazing Latin-American restaurants! Now, I live in NorCal but lived many years in San Diego County. We used to visit L.A. time to time, but we preferred the laid back attitude of San Dog.

Beautiful california kingdom

This is beautiful, once you have a great job, living in Cali is the best.

San Diego over LA! But SoCal in general is better than Chicago in winter. Was there 2 years ago in April and it was SNOWING! That being said, it is a great city for food (especially pizza) and beer.

I definitely agree with that @digitaldruid. The food in Chicago is redic, but the only time to go visit is July - September if you don't want to freeze your ass off!

Those look delicious! I've never been to California but it seems like I keep hearing more and more reasons to visit.

what a lovely shots love it

Well, nice article! You're so lucky because I'm from Quebec, Canada and here we have a long winter with -30 degree sometimes.

Hey @mlleolivia i know exactly how you feel, that's how it was every year in Chicago!

Well, wow I didn't know that it can be cold like that in Chicago!

good post friend, I hope you visit my blog

i love orange ! good post D:

Nice post

Corpus Christi is great also and way cheaper. I moved to Aransas Pass, just N of Corpus and am enjoying the great fishing, 20 min to the beach, walk into town, friendly people. My birddog thinks the duck hunting just minutes from the house is where she wants to be. Looking forward to learning to kiteboard. I plan to grow all kinds of exotic trees, shrubs, vegis in my garden

Yes that's true @tknob, but it's super flat there, no mountains, and you have to live in Texas.

I live in California, too! Albeit Northern California, but, I'm originally from Indiana, so like you, I could never imagine going back. Even if it's a little chillier here, I can escape to the ocean within an hour, hike or ski Tahoe in a few hours, gamble in Reno in three, and walk two blocks to a vineyard and drink wine made by friends..oh and I have a lemon tree and yes, weed!

Go us!! :D #californialove

Wooow So amazing I love your photography and follow you keep it up thanks for sharing11659443_470432859802087_5278025480497594106_n.jpg

Hey @cristitaylor those look delicious, where are they from?

Great post.... loved it

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I didn't know oranges could grow in a container! I'm also in CA, might have to do this when it warms up some.

Right on man! Live the dream!

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