Fresh Pow Pow! 3ft of snow

in life •  2 years ago 

Holy shit I'm pumped to ride this weekend. It's the first ride of the year up here and we're getting dumped on. 3ft of snow in two days getting crushed up there.

If anybody wants to head up to Mammoth let me know!


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simply enjoy the present moment

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  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Best of luck. And i hope mamoth will b very fair n pleasing to you..... Happy and safe skiiing! @woodrow

Sounds like a fun time.. I haven't skied in 20 plus year.. We don't get much snow here in Although for 1 night this past winter ( if you can call it winter) it almost got to the upper 20's, and we thought we might see snow. but we didn't. So I'm kind envious of you.. Have fun and most of all be carful

A very exciting adventure, good luck

Sometimes snowfall is unnecessary freezing of water.

Have fun and please share photos of your trip so we can upvote. Skiing equipment ain't cheap so we'll help out.

An extremely energizing enterprise

Mannnnnn would I take you on this one!!!

Would be flying the drone and skiing the fresh Pow Pow alllll day!


Oh how can I join I want to join also

Very nice post