Could you help me with information?
Every year we are going for ski. In this season we can to visit only two countries, Slovenia and Bulgaria. We have never been in Slovenia. The agency proposes tour to Kranjska Gora
Could we cross the border (being in Kranjska Gora) for skiing in Austria? Arn't there any restrictions?
Maby you could advice good slopes in Slovenia

Hey, I don't recommend SLovenain skiing at all! Tickets might be more expensive than in Austria and the slopes aren't maintained well. On top of that, the trails are short. Most Slovenians are going out to ski, like Austria, Italy, and France.

If you insist on choosing a Slovenian ski place I recommend Krvavec (he he only 30km of pistes) and next one Kranjska Gora (20km of all together pistes)

Here you can check or some more info, I think this is good for orientation

You can Easily go to Austria VIA Korensko Sedlo border. However, IDK about Austrian restrictions about COVID. They are much more strict about it. Maybe you should check first. And ask in Kranjska Gora about the border if the snow conditions are ok. Sometimes that border might be closed due the hard snowing.

If you will need anything else let me know

Friends said I cannot buy ski pass in Austria :(

Pitty. However, you will have a good time in Slovenia as well. Just be careful with alcohol and skiing. You can get stopped by the police and pay a ticket. For real.

I can,t drink about three monts((((

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