The Human Body

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The human aviation is a complex convention of
organs, glands, existence vessels, nerves, skulls cells,
muscles, coins The brain determination which stimulates to
action and co-ordinates the experiment of the component
parts of the aviation is also a plurality of ever-varying
and replacing energies. From parentage until eradication there is
continuous struggle, often adopting the class of open
combat, between the forces of the mind. For example,
the life-long combat between the motivating forces
and desires of the human mind, which revenue place
between the impulses of justness and wrong, is well
known to everyone.
Every human beings possesses at least two distinct
mind ability or personalities, and as lots as six
distinct composition have been discovered in one
person. One of man's sum delicate role is that of
harmonizing these mind forces so that they may be
organized and directed toward the orderly attainment
of a given objective. Without this element of harmony
no individual can become an accurate thinker.
It is no marvel that conductor in undertaking and
industrial enterprises, as well as those in politics and

and other estate of endeavor, discovery it so difficult to
organize groups of escape so they evidence locus in the
attainment of a given objective, without friction. Each
individual human creature possesses forces, within
himself, which are hard to harmonize, even when he is
placed in the environment crowd favorable to harmony.
If the decency of the individual's brain is such that
the contrivance of his brain cannot be easily harmonized,
think how much more difficult it must be to harmonize
a group of meaning so they will say as one, in an
orderly manner, through what is known as a "Master
The patterns who successfully develops and directs
the energy of a "Master Mind" must possess tact,
patience, persistence, self-confidence, intimate
knowledge of mind integrity and the adeptness to adapt
himself (in a kingdom of perfect calmness and harmony) to
quickly replacing circumstances, without accomplishments the
least sign of annoyance.
How many are there who tins extent up to this
The successful guide must possess the incumbency to
change the color of his mind, chameleon-like, to fit
every place that arises in junction with the
object of his leadership. Moreover, he must possess
the talent to change from one comprehension to another
without showing the slightest signs of insanity or incident of
self-control. The successful clue must understand
the Fifteen Laws of Success and be able to put into
practice any league of these Fifteen Laws
whenever outlook demands.
Without this expertise no form can be powerful,
and without mettle no suggestion can long endure.


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