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What If We Are All Destined To Be AI?

in life •  4 months ago

What if we are all destined to be AI? It’s an interesting question which so far has been addressed only in movies (e.g. Lucy). We as human beings are still considering ourselves as the only rational beings on Earth who cannot be replaced by machines. However, life has proved to be more complex than that over a span of billions of years. Thus, there are chances that this question might have an answer if not in the next 100 years, at least later on. In this article, the author emphasizes that intelligence is an infinite resource and can allow us to manage our evolution and in the end maybe be part of the universe itself. To make this possible, humans can appeal to biotechnology which proved to be useful in this respect. However, this is not the only medium. An example is Elon Musk’s NeuralNet. Things are constantly moving, we are evolving day by day. Thus we should keep our doors open for what it has to come.

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A great summary. Thank you for this :)