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RE: The value of a smile

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A spontaneous smile is also the time when your unfettered soul is allowed to show through. There is no guile or pretense; only the real "you" reflected during that moment.

Who is the child? It is a heartwarming photo.


A spontaneous smile is indeed a moment of truth. is it not wonderful that in our life we are given every possible chance to recognize that when we are true to ourselves, bliss is but just a moment away. it is truly said that if you smile, the world will smile with you.

the girl was the subject of a photographer who was so enamored by the sight that he snapped her without her realizing it. she was looking in wonder at a rainbow

I agree that a smile can open emotional windows in everyone who sees one. It is so easy to tell a real smile from one created simply for display.

I thought the photo was perhaps of someone you knew, since it we not attributed. She is a beautiful child and the smile is disarming.