Check out the crazy life of the man who escaped death 7 times and then won the lottery! - The worlds most lucky, unlucky man

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Frane Selak is a music teacher from Croatia who has been crowned the worlds most lucky, unlucky man after he escaped the clutches of death seven times and then went on to win the lottery!

You honestly will not believe the crazy life Frane has lived and the near death experiences he has survived. But, without further ado check them out below!

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Source: CNN

what were these Selak's seven brushes with death?

1 - Frano's first escape from death occurred in 1962 when he was travelling from Sarajevo to Dubrovnik by train. The train became de-railed and it plunged into an icy river. Seventeen people died as a result of the disaster and Frano barely made it out alive, he suffered injuries ranging form hyperthermia to a broken arm, but managed to fully recover.

2 - A year later in 1963 Frane was in an aviation disaster which claimed the lives of 19 other passengers. Frano was on first ever journey by plane when a door flew open. During the crash he was thrown into a haystack helping soften his fall and help him survive as a result.

3 - In 1966 Frane was in a fatal bus crash that claimed the lives of 4 people who drowned to death. The bus lost control and skidded into a river. Amazingly, Frane came away from the accidentally with only a few cuts and bruises.

4 - Frane's fourth escape from death occured in 1970. He was driving along the motorway when he realised his car had caught fire. Frane escaped from the car with only seconds to spare as the fuel tank caught fire causing it to explode - if he was still in the car it would have meant certain death!

5 - Three years later, in 1973 Frane was involved in another car accident when a broken fuel pump in his car resulted in petrol being poured into the boiling hot engine. Flames engulf the front of the car after shooting through the air vents, Frane walks away from the accident and fully recovers except for the loss of his hair!

6 - Accident number six took place in 1995 when he was hit by a bus in Zagreb, the north western capital of Croatia. Frane walked away with only minor injuries!

7 - In 1996 Frane's last escape from death occurred when he narrowly avoided a head on collision and lost control of his car. It then falls off the road down a 300ft drop but Frane manages to jump from the car and hang on to a branch just in time!

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Source: Blasting News

As i'm writing this I cannot believe how lucky, but unlucky this man has been! It sounds unbelievable, but trust me its all true... and it gets crazier!

In 2003 Frane won about $1m on lottery after purchasing his first ever ticket! After a few years he started to crave the simple life and gave away all his money to family and friends and then returned to his modest home in Petrinja, which is located to the south of Zagreb, Croatia.

Frane has lived one unimaginable life, with so many near death experiences he must have so many terrifying memories. For him to win the lottery in 2003 it feels like the cherry on top of the cake that represents his life!

So, What do you guys think about Frane's life?

Crazy... right?

Let me know what you guys think in the comments,

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