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A few years ago I remember seeing pictures of this man and head, but like many others and maybe even yourself, I believed them to be fake.

However, it turns out they are very real and the man with half a skull is called Carlos 'Halfy' Rodriguez.

How did Carlos lose half his head?

Carlos lost a large area of the front of his skull when he flew through the front a car windscreen and landed on his head. After the accident doctors were forced to surgically remove parts of his flesh and bone in order to save his life.

Carlos claims the accident was caused due to a drink and drug fuelled bender that him, his friend and cousin were were involved in when he was just 14 years old. They allegedly stole a car and drove it at such high speeds they lost control, and well... you can see the results.

Amazingly Carlos was able to return to live his life in florida.

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What has Carlos been up to?

In October 2016 Carlos was arrested at his home in Miami after setting his mattress on fire just outside his home.

He was charged with attempted murder because of the close proximity of the fire to the neighbouring house. According to police reports the blaze was an immediate threat to the safety and lives of those living around the area.

The judge questioned Rodriguez's mental state and as you can see from the mug shot photo below taken after the burning mattress incident, Carlos does not look sound of mind.

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Rodriguez was charged with first-degree arson and felony attempted-murder charges

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The fact that Carlos survived the car accident at 14 with those head injuries still astonishes me, looking at the photos from a side angle is just mind blowing. The fact Carlos Developed mental issues is unsurprising but still very sad.

So, what do you guys think of Carlos 'Halfey' Rodriguez?

Let me know in the comments.

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That's too bad & I'm sorry that it left him with mental issues. Sad about the crime, too.

For sure. I decided to change the top image to show the injury more clearly. Maybe in prison he will get the medical help he needs for his mental problems.

I really hope so. It's a miracle he's alive.

OMG......Really... I am so sad to be like him ....!!!

people must stare at him all the time, he must have felt so self conscious!

Sure. May he always be confident to right his life.....!!!

Nice post!! I followed you

did you make that photo yourself?

If not Sources please :)