How to influence and benefit from your Subconscious Mind

in life •  last year

I tried to send your my latest video via dtube, but it didn’t upload so far.

My personal tip for you today is this.
I was talking lively with a friend and pushing eachother with amazing tips and ideas about how to proceed with our plans and future goals. We were both totally excited and enthusiastic about what we could reach if we just find that straight line after so many setbacks. We are totally different. She is a analytical person, me am a doing person.
I can highly recommend to surround yourself with the right people. People who push you forward, say the truth and are able to activate your inner strength.

Back home I didn’t want to loose that input and took my wallet as a black board. I use post it’s colorful pens or just write down my first impressions to fix my thoughts. I pass this wall like every day and my subconscious mind is analyzing and observing the words. Every day.
NEVER trust your brain. You will forget what you have been talking about. You will forget your best ideas and you will loose time and energy. Don’t waste memory space and write everything down. So there’s more resources to work on other things.


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