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I love trees, there are so many amazing species and so many animals, insects and birds call them home.

This particular tree is called Blackbutt or Eucalyptus pilularis. It is native to Southeast Australia and you will find them along the coastal regions in the wet Sclerophyll forest.
The name Blackbutt refers to the way the base of the tree turns black after fires sweep through the forest, higher up, the trunk is a beautiful smooth white colour. This immense tree can grow up to 50-70 metres high with a diameter of around 4 metres. The leaves are a glossy dark green colour and the flowers are white, you will see these flowers from September through to March.


The Blackbutt is one of the Koalas favourite leaves to eat, you will often see the claw marks on the trunk from where they have climbed the tree.


These beautiful grand old trees can live for around 200 hundred years.


Photos taken on Samsung galaxy S8

Photos and content by white.tiger

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