A Carousel

in life •  2 months ago

The music was cheerful and sounded inviting

I wandered over to board the ride

I found a nice horse and climbed aboard

No one is leading so we go round and round

Each person thinking they are leading or following.

One kid is crying, another is yelling WEEEE.

The Carousel music deafens the individual voices so it all just sounds like noise.

Every so often the music stops and and we unload a group of passengers to bring on another group.

The music starts back up and we begin again

People take pictures and wave from the sidelines 

Soon the view gets old, I've been on the ride too long.

I feel a little dizzy and over stimulated

The music sounds less fun and begins to attack my senses

The sound of laughing and crying blend together, it just sounds like noise.

There is no getting out of the circle.

I can't find a beginning, there is no leader no path, just a circle.

I feel a little panicy

The ride slows, I get off the horse and look to see if there is a better ride.

In the background I hear the new passengers board and the music fades from my ears as I walk away

But the ride goes on.


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