First Post, why am I here and how many hours do you spend online?

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Hey, I'm new in town and since I spend so much time on the internet, I'd like to share with you one, two or three things I've learned everyday. But before we dive into that, here's some facts about me.

  • Based in Taiwan, grew up in Canada, I'm currently going back and forth between the two continents working as a web + app designer.
  • I enjoy life logging, travelling, creating art, photography, dancing, dodging balls (dodgeball), socializing, cooking, reading and learning in general. I find it pretty hard to balance time to accomplish all my interests.
  • Learning how to effectively form habits
  • I find it difficult to write about myself
  • I'll take rats over bugs any day
  • I like to challenge my fears:
    ie. Scared of heights, I went skydiving, scaled a couple buildings, climbed trees, climbed tall structures.
    Public speaking - signed up for open mic at a comedy night, gave mini presentations, entered a couple rounds of dance battles.
    Pain - entered a couple rounds of chicken fight, gave blood, cold showers, parkour
    Travelling alone - Thailand (except I was never really alone because there's always people around)

I've been wanting to learn how to write for the past 6 months and I find this platform very helpful.

So, according to Comsore, the American adult (18+) spends 2 hours, 51 minutes on their smartphone every day and according to MediaKix, we spend an average of 1 hour, 56 minutes on the top 5 social media platforms alone.

Social Media Usage Statistics
Across today's most popular social media platforms, people are spending the following daily averages:

YouTube: 40 minutes
Facebook: 35 minutes
Snapchat: 25 minutes
Instagram: 15 minutes
Twitter: 1 minute

Jeez, I definitely spend 8x more than that.
Do you know how many hours on average you spend in front of the screen? What methods do you use to track your hours spent online?

I think I spend an average of 8+ hours on my computer and possibly more on my phone a day. I'd like to think that in those hours, I've learned a ten fold of information and hopefully retained majority of the knowledge presented.

How many times do you find yourself spiralling down the internet-rabbit hole of information and having no idea how you got to where you end up? It's almost like you've been hypnotized for hours, waking up to reality hours later.
ie. you go on YouTube to listen to a song, which leads to watching videos on how to make a quinoa cake, which somehow leads to videos of axe throwing for beginners, which leads to videos of celebrities roasting Kim Kardashian and it goes on and on until you notice the sun rising when you went entered bed 5 hours ago.
It's happened to me countless of times, especially before bed time and when I come home from work.

I figured the best way to track what I'm watching, reading, absorbing, eating is to write it down here.
I want to share the wealth of knowledge (most noteworthy) I come across everyday, here with you cats. I start off with this post.

So, what did you learn today?

Track Your Hours Spend On Your iPhone:

  1. Open the “Settings” app in iOS, then choose “Battery”

  2. Scroll down to the “Battery Usage” section of settings and then tap on the little clock icon

  3. Under the app name in question, see exactly how much time an individual app has been used!

On Screen is time the app is spent in the foreground in active usage, meaning the app is actively on the screen and in usage – this is likely the most important time noticed since it lets you know exactly how long a particular app is being used actively.
-- osxdaily

One thing that helps me is uninstalling the app. Out of sight, out of mind.

List of App Trackers (2014)

Since I'm new here, please follow me, @whatIlearned on my journey of knowledge and let's learn together.
Comments would be awesome, and if you don't know what to say, please answer any or all these questions:

  1. Approximately, how many hours do you spend online?
  2. Where do you charge your phone while you sleep? Do you have an alarm clock that's NOT your phone?
  3. What is the very first thing you do when you wake up?
  4. Do you walk around with your phone in hand when you're home?
  5. Please share one thing you've read/seen today that you want to share
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Welcome to the most awesome platform friend.

welcome! Nice to meet you.

I did not know you can track time spent on individual app. Do you how to do it on android phones? Good post :) I just upvoted and followed you, if you like checkout my content and follow.


Thanks Amritha!
Hmm, I'm not too familiar with android phones but check out aTimeLogger or Toggl! Thanks for the follow :)

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Hi there!

Hey , how are you ?
welcome to steemit @whatillearned
following you now. :D
follow me back pls.


Thanks! Will do!

You should not use the introduceyourself tag for something like this, could get into trouble.

I have a cat on me at the moment so I can't check but I can tell you for a fact the majority of my life is in front of a screen. I always found these studies oddly false, like no study actually took place. They consider it a devastating truth that their kids spend like, 2 hours a day on a phone when in reality we barely look up from them other than to sleep. Not sure where that disparity comes from!


Hey Mobbs, thanks for the heads up. I'll edit the post to talk a bit about myself a little bit more.

Perhaps. False or not, I guess these studies keeps us in check with the amount of hours we spend on screen. Once we're aware of that, we can moderate how many hours children should spend on it, and on what.
What do you find yourself perusing most on screen?