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Hey people of steem,

I have not been on for a bit and will probably be taking some time off of steem. Somewhere in the next couple of weeks I will be posting a big article about the contest and ask for as much help as I can get to run them. But first I need to get in a sleep/diet schedule so I can roughly pick the winners at the same time everyday. It will be in the morning but at what time exactly is still to be decided. And it will not be the exact time every day but give or take an hour or so. I will also do one article on top of it so two posts a day is the plan. This will continue for the rest of the year or until communities are here. When they are I want to do a month of straight building a gaming group.

As for the diet it is time to go hardcore. Healthy but hardcore. I go up and down in weight and lets just say I am up at the moment :p. I know I was dieting so I let myself indulge lately. I find not eating after 8 helps a lot as does eating bigger breakfasts than dinners. So does eating small meals every two hours. I have lost the weight before so I am not too worried but do need to get started.

I might be posting a couple of articles here and there but will not be on too constantly until the contests start. But I will be one for a couple of hours today so feel free to say hi :).

How is everything with you?


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i wanna say that i love contests but i have never really won any..... may be one or two back when i started on steemit.....
and it was really great because contests are a very good way to earn some extra steem for the newbies.....

That is cool that you are planning to give your fans something with contests :D that is so kind of you.

And about your health and weight.
You should be worried about your health more than your weight.
Just don't overthink this health and weight thing.
All you need is to not forget what your goal is.

[EDIT] Keep up the work, and take your time off when you need to !!!
Love your content :)

Hey man, been a while :-)

I was thinking of how the idea for the contest was coming along. Good to know that's in the 'kitchen' being prepared. Yeah, I think getting the things in order before starting something big is probably a good idea............ will be waiting

I was just doing point counting with Weight Watchers and lost close to 30 lbs. that and cutting down on drinking soda which is a big problem for me. Best of luck on the diet. They can be brutal but so rewarding once you start actually seeing some progress. Kinda like here on Steemit. Lol

While yer gone...if ya want to delegate some of that Steem Power over this way for a few weeks...I’ll make sure it goes to good use!!! 😜

Good luck with your diet goals. I definitely need to make some changes in mine. I'm eating a huge huge huge amount of sugar every day and that is obviously terrible.


Get back into it soon! Steem will be better off.

Slight changes to your diet are easier to maintain for long durations than huge changes to the way you eat, at least for most people. That's a good starting point though. Good luck!

my wife diet also by weight watchers. Eating and drinking what you want as long as you do not exceed your point total. Good luck with your goal. Nice a contest, I'm already looking forward to it.

If tooth retention isn't important to you there's always meth

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Health comes first. Need to ensurw you can enjoy the hardwork achieved over the long run. Look forward to the contest.

All the best with your goals @whatageek

It is good to take some time to think about you and your health. The secret to a healthy weight, lies in the habits. Not only food, but sleep habits, eating, hygiene, physical exercise and mental peace.

The habits are not created overnight, how to use a magic switch. That is why you must go little by little. Otherwise if you change your stroke, your body will say: Hey! What the fuck is going on here?🤬🤬 I don't like this, it not is usual for me! And as a result you will cause migraine headaches, constipation, drowsiness, fatigue and sleep problems😷🤒🤕🤧

We are made up of many systems, from the smallest cell until the largest organ.But even if they are different systems work as a unit, to perform each activity of the human organism.That is why we must respect its stages and as a reward we will obtain a correct process of encouragement, adaptation action, they began to think of memory.

I hope that you achieve your goal. And anxious to see that you have for us.😉😉

Looking forward to these Contests. Thanks for doing it, can't wait :)

Hello, what an interesting article. I like what you say, that we should eat big dinners and small dinners. I will be very aware of your next article. Nice to meet you.

We are all looking forward to the contest though😊😊😊

Feel free to delegate some of your sp to me while you're away :)

Hope you enjoy your time off bud! @whatageek