Apple Japan Requests Deletion of Unfamiliar Contacts that Appear on iPhone / なぜ?機種変したら謎の名前

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Apple Japan Requests Deletion of Unfamiliar Contacts that Appear on iPhones After Model Upgrade

-June 23, 2018

We received a baffling piece of news from a resident of Saga Prefecture on Kyushu Island, southwestern Japan , who had recently upgraded his iPhone. “I had the store transfer my data (from my old device to my new one) and found 200 unfamiliar foreigners’ names….” He says the telephone numbers and e-mail addresses of individuals who appeared to be employees of leading IT company Apple Inc., the manufacturer, had been added to his device’s contacts list. Was this a data leak?

201806230001_001_m (1).jpg

One of the contacts that were suspected of having been leaked. (A portion of the photograph has been edited.)

Aaron Ackerman, Kevin Angel…. The man showed us various non-Japanese names listed on his iPhone. The domain name of the individuals’ e-mail addresses was “,” so they seemed to be Apple employees, but they were not his acquaintances. On the other hand, his friends and associates registered on his old device had been transferred safely.

According to this man, he had had his data moved from his old device to his new one via the cloud data service iCloud, when he had obtained an upgraded model of the iPhone at a mobile phone agency in Saga City this April. It was only after receiving his new device from the store staff and returning home that he realized that he had had names of strangers added to his contacts.

The man made a complaint to the mobile phone agency , which referred him to Apple Japan (Tokyo), whose response was, “We do not think this was caused by glitches in the system or device. Please delete the added contacts.”

The news crew tried calling the numbers listed as Ackerman et al., but all were “no longer in use.” It was the same for the e-mail addresses.

As we continued our investigation, we learned that a male company employee in Fukuoka City had experienced similar issues several years ago. After having his data moved from his old mobile phone at a mobile phone agency , he had discovered unfamiliar images on his new device and deleted them, as he had “found it creepy.”

We requested an interview with Apple Japan, but we received no reply. However, a source related to the company says, “It’s difficult to imagine that a glitch could leak data, because the iPhone and iCloud boast robust security measures that are acknowledged by even the Pentagon. There are no precedents of data leaks.” Then what is going on?

According to this source, the demo models displayed in shops store names and photos of actual Apple employees in the contacts lists. “Coincidental matches can occur if imaginary names are used. As a measure to avoid any inconveniences,” the e-mail addresses and phone numbers are apparently dummies.

When the man from Saga Prefecture requested the mobile phone agency staff to transfer his data, it appears that the procedure was somehow mistakenly carried out in the demo account, and the dummy contacts were added onto the man’s newly-bought device.

So, it turns out that this wasn’t a serious situation of data leakage, but our source commented, “It’s a lot of work for someone to delete 200 contacts on his own. Apple should have had the customer post the device and handle it themselves.”

なぜ?機種変したら謎の外国人の名前 iPhoneの連絡先に200人追加 アップルジャパンは「削除して」


201806230001_001_m (1).jpg











=2018/06/23付 西日本新聞夕刊=

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Whatever they say, I do not think it's a fair update for many


Whatever they say,
I do not think it's a fair
Update for many

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