The (not so) secret diary of the tired Dad - the arrival

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Day 1: Arrived in strange hospital at a stupid time of the morning, only to find that all the beds have been "fully booked!" Ushered into a side room, where a midwife greated us and told us that although we were first on the list of elective c-sections, they were a little bit busy at the moment, but we definitely would be meeting our little girl today.

Seconds turned to minutes and minutes turned in to hours..... OK, I'm slightly over exaggerating, but it did feel like we had been there for days before the consultant finally made his rounds. Introducing himself and confirming that we were next on the list. Met the anaesthetist and the team and were given the green light to "gown up"


Final checks -

Epidural ✔️
Sharp knifey bits ✔️
Lots of absorbant towels (could be messy) ✔️

With a quick cut, a few pulls and some stitches, baby @welshstacker arrived on the scene kicking and screaming.

Is there a better sound than that first cry of a new born? Music to my ears for now, but I'm sure that cry will get on my nerves eventually, but for now LOUD CRY = HEALTHY LUNGS


Can't believe that at 09:39 our little girl was born. She's a little under weight, but we'll soon fix that. If there's one thing I know how to do well, that's feed! #imafeeder

OK diary, I got to go now, hungry mum and baby to look after.



Welcome aboard, sweetheart. Huge congratulations to the whole family. xx

Why 2!!??!! I should have just stuck to 1... Haven't slept in 48hrs and 1/2pint is going to be the death of me

If you want to cap it at two, mention a third; right now. Go ask her. Get her response on video or in writing; and thank me 2 years from now.

The answer is NO!! It always was going to be no. I'm all for my own rugby team, but she told me yrs ago, 2 was IT....

CONGRATULATIONS, @welshstacker and mrs... and HAPPY BABYMOON!!! She is absolutely adorable! God bless you, mrs @welshstacker, and most especially your tiny angel! WHAT an AWESOME BLESSING!!!

Yes Gifts and Angels Ms. Saver.........

Thank you SS, our little family is now complete. It's been a very busy few days and apologies for the lack of replys to all your comments.

Thank you for your kind words

Congrats, my friend. I always wanted a boy, but after two daughters I leaned that there is nothing better than two daughters...:=)

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I've got one of each now and there are NO MORE planned. His job as big brother eill be to msje sure no other boy kisses her till she's at least 21yrs old

Congratulations on the new addition to your family. I am always happy hearing newborn smiles and cry. It's a sign of God's faithfulness.

Congrats Mr & Mrs Welshie🎂

Cheers buddy. Its been a roller-coaster of a ride do far

Congrats man. Awesome news that everything went well.

She's in good hands I reckon.

Many congratulations to you and your now extended family.

Will you be striking a commemorative coin to celebrate the new arrival?

No I wont be, but she already has a few 2020 Sovereigns.

Thanks buddy

Getting off to a good start.

Congrats!! What a beautiful baby!!!

And why the "What am I supposed to do now??!!" look _

That's my normal look!! 😂

Let's hope she takes after her mum. My son has inherited my looks (poor boy), let's hope she doesn't.

Congratulations on your NEW Daughter Welshie !!!! @welshstacker

Cheers @stokjockey. Life's a bit all over the place at the mo, but hoping to get in a routine where me and Mrs W sleep in shifts and life goes back to some normality soon.

Being a father is a great blessing and challenge!

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Congratulations @welshstacker!!👍💐🤗🤗😎 Take care of mama and the little one!

That's my job for the next few weeks. She's a strong women and I'm sure she's actually counting down the days till I go back to work, just so she can have some piece and quiet

Congratulations Dad!!!🤗😀😍😊
Take care of your Girls @welshstacker, everyone was sitting around the computer just waiting for this post!!!🤗🤗🤗
Where do we send the diapers!!😳

Hopefully it's the first of many updates. I'll probably do a light hearted "dear diary" type of post once a week.

Sounds nice Dad!🤗

WOW!! Thank you @vcdragon, it's gratefully appreciated

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Welcome to the world beautiful girl ❤️ and Congratulations to you and your family my friend. Such a gift and she is Lucky to have you.
So happy for you and I wish you all joy and blessings 🤗❤️


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