Embrace the Light

in life •  2 years ago

Sitting at work. It feels like such a lie. Opening my mind and my eyes to the possibility that sitting in a corner droning away at a computer all day can not be what God/universe/Allah (insert applicable title here) has put me on this Earth to do. My creativity being stifled by the relentless droning of mouse clicks and fluorescent humming lights.
Finally feeling brave enough to ask myself a question: "what is the thing you can not, not do". Mine is the urge to write, paint and sing. Mostly writing. Thoughts pour into my mind and they must be released from the shackles right then or the thoughts are lost. I am sure some if my relationships have suffered from this desire to unleash into paper. Many a nights awoken by thoughts running in my brain. Driving, my son in the back seat, I reveal my discovery. I said that I had asked myself one question; my smart ellec of a son replies,
"Mom the one thing you can't do is sit down." Laughing as this is also true. Embrace the light

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It's always the best and most rewarding to do what we love. Thank you for your thoughts.