@weirdheadaches will be moving to @idig

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I am currently in the process of moving over to @idig. I no longer appreciate the association with @weirdheadaches. Originally i started WH on another platform to connect people w chronic pain and especially headaches that were undiagnosed. I have outgrown WH and w the neuroplasticity work i am doing i do not like seeing the name. I will eventually turn the WH account into something more productive but in the meantime i am moving to @idig. I love and appreciate my friends here and hope you all follow me over to @idig. New things on the horizon. Im a bit of a slow mover, so will probably make a few more @idig announcements. Planning to be over there fully within a few days. Love yalls, and peace ✌😎 Jon



Heck ya homie!!! Time to put that name in the past along with the troubles that it reminds you of. Looking forward to the things you will do with this new account. Cheers homie!!

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Thanks Holmes, thats what im saying 💪😎✌

This is great news. You are so much more than your pain experience Jon, I'm so happy to read this. 😊😊😊

Right on Bro 💕🙏💕

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Hiya 😊

Thnx Sis 🙌

Highly rEsteemed!

I Dig, Bruv!


Thanks Bruv 😁😎✌

Thanks for filling us in. Will follow @idig you dig. Hope all is well and that things are looking up for you. #weirdheadaches no more, like the name change.

😅, i do dig lol. Thanks @thebigsweed 😎✌