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in life •  2 years ago

Today I would like to feature a friend of mine, a veterinarian friend that as hobby the weekend spend time with his camera all over the countryside close Lecce, Puglia, Italy.

Before think to use these photos, remember that there is a copyright on it so please contact myself here or in chat or check on FB for Fabio Protopapa.

Medium: Nikon D5100 Post production light-room

Location: As above

If you liked these photos please, resteem, comment and follow me for more that will come :)

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WOW superb quality and beautifull photos @webdeals, well done !


Thanks @cynetyc I will refer your comment to my friend :) thanks

Bello! Cool shots!

@kus-knee (The Old Dog)


Thanks my friend :) welcome back! Long time since our last chat

Your friend has some great photos. :)
Glad I'm following this.


Thanks! :) I am happy you like it :)