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I'm pretty sure we have all once searched for an item and came across it on Amazon, it is a major website and ranks 11th in Alexa! In this HTAB I will be telling you about how Amazon began.

Starting Out


Starting in 1994, Amazon was only a bookseller and nothing else. It was created by Jeff Bezos after he left work at a wall street firm and started creating the site. However the site was not called Amazon at first, it was actually "Cadabra" but funnily he changed it after a lawyer misheard it as cadaver. The name came to be as the Amazon river is the biggest river in the world and he aspired to make his store also the biggest.


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Amazon became much more of a player, going from just books to all sorts of things. These included electronics, clothing, furniture and much more. The company had starting hiring more and more people which involved former Walmart executives, this caused Walmart to become ever so suspicious of Amazon and they then sued Amazon for stealing marketing techniques. This was settled out of court, another lawsuit that was settled out of court was by Barnes and Noble because Amazon claimed to be "the worlds largest bookstore" the company said that this was untrue as Amazon was not a bookstore but a book broker. They made the return on investment for investors in early 2000 which was of $5 million.


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Amazon does not only operate Amazon but has a range of other companies, this includes Audible which is an application letting users listen to ebooks. Although they did not create Audible, instead purchased it for $300 million. Another company which they bought is GoodReads, a website in which you can post comments about books and your opinions on them, they purchased the site in 2013 for a undisclosed sum of money. Another notable purchase was in 1998 of IMDB, a popular site which contains movie information, reviews and quotes.

Amazon really struck gold. I hope you enjoyed!

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