Circle of goodness- Maggi Noodles.. ❤️

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Nothing can match the joy of slurping on steaming hot Maggi Noodles especially at Hilly towns with accompanying chilly winds.. Bliss!!

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looks tasty and you are BEAUTIFUL my friend 😊😊 enjoy the noodles 🍜 greetings!

hahaha i have seen this image in your last post.
Meggi noodles are yummmmmmm.

Most welcome
Really amazing photography.
Very nice steepshot of travel.
I appreciate your blog.

Congratulations for your post.
Really beautiful photo and food.
Your Photography that's awesome.
I appreciate your steepshot...,.. best of luck

Hahaha . . . really awesome!

yummy and good photography.. @weavingwords

It looks fantastic your noodles

Wow it's very yummy love the noodles alot thanks for sharing with us.. @weavingwords

I like your photo and noodles.
You are so beautiful.
I hope you always healthy.
Have a good day @weavingwords

wow, you are so cute.
Your smile is fascinating.
i like your smile.
Greetings from me.

like you and followed you @weavingwords

@akomoajong Yes, I love this picture. Emotions captured perfectly..,😀

It must taste very good, so want to eat.
Like @weavingwords


It is really a bliss to have this great dish at the hills with chilly winds!

@viktoriyani thank you so much. A compliment from a beautiful person herself. ❤️

Noodles are for life and keep smiling always :)

Bwhaha!! I live on noodles somedays!!! Especially just before payday!

This post reminds me my childhood days with maggi :)

I at first thought it was bhelpuri

That's also amazing which reminds me that I haven't had bhelpuri in a while..:-)


with extra spice :D

Wow wonderful photography
Thank you for sharing post