Lack of time management skills - how inefficiency becomes the norm when there is choice

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Are you always running out of time? Do you always feel like you're in a hurry and don't have enough time for anything? Like many others, you probably suffer from poor time management skills. However, I believe anyone can learn time management and it really isn't that hard.


To understand time management think back to your first job

The chances are that your first job wasn't rocket science (although for those in rocket science, it actually might have been). For most, their first job was something which you could call "hands on". By "hands on" I refer to jobs that are mostly physical in nature, be it sitting on an assembly line turning things around or digging holes in the construction yard, jobs that can be measured by number of repetitions it took to achieve x outcome. I hope you get what I mean.

Anyway, these jobs tend to ask a very limited amount of things from you, mainly: "do that". With these jobs your experience or your strength usually accounts most in the outcome you achieve. In other words, there is a very limited amount of planning that needs to be done, therefore, sitting idle for extended periods of time will be noticed and you will most likely be asked to continue working. You won't have time to dream without doing something while dreaming. You will also most likely get better at the job and in no time will you figure out how to make things more efficient, so that after a year you won't be trying to dig that hole with a wrong tool.

So what does this have to do with time management? Everything.

The basics of time management

Unless I'm somehow mistaken and have just accidentally figured a loop hole in life, time management is all about doing things when they need to be done and as efficiently as possible. Lets get back to the above example of "hands on" -work. When doing things, how much time do you typically waste planning on digging a hole? Do you start by measuring the size of the shovel? Maybe adjust your posture according to the angle of the sun, so you won't waste so much energy? Draw the outline of the predicted size of the hole on the dirt so it is easier to focus? Well, I doubt it. All of the above examples could in some situations be very useful. You might find that by using those methods the hole would seem to dig itself, but if you're honest, wouldn't you just start to dig the damn hole?

People tend to over complicate things when it comes to working on tasks that aren't as straightforward as digging a hole. I'm not saying that you should just start building a rocket if you're a rocket scientist, but what I'm saying is that you know what you actually have to do. Maybe you need to start by calculating some physics and contact the alien civilization for their latest insights into space ship tech. I'm not judging, what I'm saying is: "do it". When you don't waste time on figuring out obvious things you... drum roll... don't waste time... badam tsih. If you waste time thinking on things you always do, you waste time. If you always contemplate on, which you should start on: "writing about this thing or waiting for someone to write it for me", you are doing what is called wasting time. I hope you are getting it by now, so lets get to the next point.


Don't work hard, work efficient.


Ok... I'll talk a bit more about efficiency. When working, do you usually just work and work and work? When was the last time you stopped to think if there was another way to do what you do? No, I don't mean that you should stop what you were doing and browse youtube for "top 10 ways to build a rocket ship". That is called procrastination by the way. While working on things you do often, it helps to consider the reasons you are doing something. You won't always be thinking 100% on one task and have no more space to consider ways to improve your working flow. Btw, if you feel like that is the case, then stop what you're doing and think of other ways to achieve the same outcome. Even if you're digging a hole with a shovel, by the time you've reached your one hundredth hole, it is safe to assume that by then you've figured out some way to make digging those holes easier or more bearable. So, when working, why wouldn't you be able to figure out how to build that rocket more easily?

People are too focused on achieving that they forget to think of what a lazy person would do

One of my favorite quotes by someone, maybe Henry Ford, maybe Picasso, I mean I read it on the internet, it must be true, is:

"I always hire a lazy person, he will find a faster way to do it".

This quote is exactly what everyone should strive for. They should always think of an easier way to do the things that take time. Unless you want to waste time or enjoy unnecessary effort, even easy things can be improved upon and made easier, be it time wise or just general comfort. Why would anyone not do things better if they can?

Next time you're running out of time because of something you're doing, ask yourself, "is there a more efficient way to do this?". The chances are that there is. Sometimes it isn't about you, but other people. When that happens, relax. It won't help if you freak out, just prepare to speed things up when they get to your wave length and are done doing their inefficient things. If you're success depends on their success, talk to whomever is responsible for your work and find out what can be done to speed things up. If you're the boss, find out what your workers need to make their work more efficient. There is always a way to make things more efficient.

At the end of the day, time management comes down to very simple things. When taking them into account, you will find that the day has more time. You can leave work after 8 hours and be satisfied with what you accomplished. It really isn't rocket science, unless it is rocket science and if it is, then make that rocket science more efficient!

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