All you need to succeed is will power and dedication?

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We are taught from childhood we can become whatever we want if we truly believe in it. Especially those who come from an "Americanized country", a country which is highly influenced by American ideals and such, will have come across this saying. Motivational speakers are always preaching this, hard work is the key and only way to succeed. This is what everyone knows. So why isn't everyone successful?

Success isn't born from hard work

This is something you need to understand. You won't want to hear it, but it is true. Success isn't a product of trying until you make it. Success isn't a one fit all type cloth you put on and never take off. Trying too hard will just kill you. Too much of anything will eventually lead to your death. Well luckily very few people are that dedicated to lost causes.

Humans want to hear that they have a chance

Did you hear about that poor kid who became a success? "Which one?", you might ask. Well there are a thousand examples. "They didn't become successful by accident", you might argue. You are probably correct. "Doesn't that mean that hard work means success?" No. A thousand, ten thousand, or a hundred thousand people who became successful after working hard are just outliers. Hard work wasn't what made them successful. Hard work was a part of the equations, but without the other pieces, which you might but under the category "luck", affected equally much.

Tons of people become successful by telling people they can become successful

One the best ways to become successful is actually to tell people they can become successful. People will pay you to tell them, they also can become successful. This is what a lot of motivational speakers understand. Motivational speakers either fuck with you or they are so blind to the realities in life that they tell you the obvious things that you want to hear. When someone tells an unsuccessful person, you also can become successful just by following these simple rules, the unsuccessful person will go like "shut up, take my money" and forfeit their own success for the success of the person who contributed absolutely nothing to this person.

If motivational speaking worked, everyone interested would be successful

The best thing about motivational speaking is, that it cannot be proven wrong. The idea usually goes like this: work hard until you make it. "I didn't make it." You didn't work hard enough, work harder. The end game being, you never work enough.

So should I give up trying to be successful?

No. You should give up dreaming about being successful and do what you want to do in life. Finding what you want to do is a good starting point, but it might not lead to success. But who the fuck cares? If you're doing what you like, what more do you want? Ok, this is borderline motivational speaking so I'll tone it back to dreadful reality.

How do you become successful?

Be born successful. What does this mean? The best way is to be born into a successful family. When you do that, your family will help you succeed. Success breads success. Just look at the American president.

Can I become wealthy instead?

Why yes, just follow me and read my posts, I'll tell you how to save money and make money with your money. Then you too can be unsuccessful with a lot of money. But hey, money can be seen as success, right?

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