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in life •  2 months ago


Create the life that you want and the build your desire around it. Don't work all your life for the money and then try to live the life.

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Nicely captured. Where is this location?


Thanks! Palm Beach, Aruba in the Caribbean

que hermosa fotografía y tienes mucha razón con lo que dices sobre trabajar toda la vida por dinero

good Really nice view

Ahh, wanna be there now :)
Still have a dream to live on a seashore!

tiene razón la vida se vive una sola vez

Great picture. I am following you are my husband, @jbreheny and I semi retired earlier this year and have started creating the life we want. We live in our RV full time and are currently traveling the US and working when we choose. I hope you will follow both of us as I love your statement below the pic.

beautiful message - thank you 🙏